My Sauna is brand new, why doesn’t my door close correctly?

A well-aligned sauna door opens and closes freely without catching or scraping, and clicks into place when closed against the magnetic catch. It also helps retain the internal temperature of the sauna.

The foundation of a well-aligned door is the sauna base, and the surface it is installed on. An imbalance in the base of the sauna will run through the structure of the cabin, leaving the door difficult to align correctly. Our sauna cabins need to be installed on even and level floors (I.e. a flat surface free from gradients, edges or bumps.) Tiled floors are not ideal surfaces. Using carpet squares/offcuts to level an uneven floor will not necessarily be enough, as the weight of the sauna will eventually penetrate through the soft material, causing the sauna to rest on the uneven surface underneath.

How to fix:

  1. Check the floor is level - this is usually the main offender. If the floor is not level, use packers at either back corner to level-out. Try not to level from the front as the packers will be visible.
  2. Check the sauna itself is level using a spirit-level on the roof - this will give the clearest indication of any discrepancies.
  3. Check the sauna itself is level, front to rear and side to side. Are the panels all sat snug inside their grooves in the base?
  4. Ensure hinges are installed correctly and have an equidistant gap between door and glass panel.
  5. The L brackets that join the panels together (roof to side, and roof to front) are integral to the alignment of the door. These brackets have scope to be adjusted in several planes - by loosening the bracket and moving the panel into the direction required to align the door, then re-tightened. The front panel can be moved inwards/outwards to align better and tightened using the L brackets. Sanctuary model only*

Please see the attached PDFs on how re-align your sauna door and maintain its hinges.

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