Sauna lights and/or keypad turn on but heaters do not

It is very unlikely that all heaters would fail at once. If the Sauna has evident power going to it (such as lights and/or keypad working) then the heaters may not turn on if the temperature and session time has not been set.

How to set temperature and session time:

  1. Ensure that you set your temperature high enough – if the ambient room temperature is 25 degrees, and the sauna is being set to 25 degrees also, the heaters will not switch on because the sauna is already registering at the desired temperature.
  2. Ensure that you set your timer to your desired session time. If the timer is not set, the heaters will not switch on.

If the power does not turn on, it could be the keypad that has stopped working. To find out, turn the sauna on at the mains power and try to find the bluetooth connection. If the bluetooth is working, the sauna has power and it may be a keypad issue. Refer to the article How to check keypad cable connections

In addition, please see the PDF with information about your Saunas temperature and functionality.

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