Why doesn’t my sauna reach the maximum temperature on the keypad display?

The maximum temperature on your saunas keypad display is purely a gauge. The keypad display’s maximum temperature reading is intended to provide a reference point rather than a strict limit or indication of the level it should be reaching.

Just as a speedometer in a car indicates the vehicle's potential speed but doesn't necessarily dictate that this is how fast you should drive, the sauna's keypad display purely showcases the highest temperature reading possible, not what temperature the sauna should be operating at.

It is important to keep in mind that our Infrared saunas are designed to be most therapeutic at temperatures of 45°C to 55°C for a total usage time of 20-45 minutes which differs from the traditional steam sauna. Clearlight® Infrared technology raises your core body temperature within the sauna rather than raising the temperature of the air itself, so it often doesn't feel as hot as what people can be used to even though this heat is actually more effective as it works on a deep cellular level within the body.

The sauna’s ability to heat up fast and achieve higher temperatures is limited by the surrounding ambient temperature, which will be affected by the geographical location, climate and positioning in the premises/garden. In a colder climate/season or exposed position, our saunas may only achieve temperatures in the 50’s, whereas in hot climates/summer and sheltered positions, they may achieve high 60’s to high 70’s.

Further to, our blog post here really delves in to understanding the temperatures of your Infrared sauna.

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