Bluetooth connectivity issues

Please see the below troubleshooting steps to resolve any bluetooth connectivity issues: 

  1. Have you connected using the same device before? If yes, it is more likely a user error.
  2. Try connecting with a different smartphone or device.
  3. Are you within range of the sauna? Try connecting when you are standing next to the sauna.
  4. Delete the infrared sauna from the Bluetooth list, and try reconnecting.
  5. Unplug the sauna for 60 seconds either at the socket or fuse box/breaker switch if hard-wired - this will drain all the residual electricity in the sauna and effectively reset the electrical circuits.
  6. Check the connection of the Bluetooth circuit board in the roof - see attached PDF to locate.
  7. Connected but no sound - Does the auxiliary port in the compartment transmit audio from your device to the sauna speakers? If yes, then the speakers work and the fault is more than likely with the Bluetooth circuit board.
  8. Connected but no sound - Check that the toggle is switched to the on position - next to the speaker on the right-hand side as sitting. This toggle allows the user to switch the speakers in the ceiling on/off.


If unsuccessful with the above troubleshooting please feel free to get in touch with our Customer Care team.


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