How to disable Bluetooth in the Sauna

Bluetooth is standard in all of our models and allows you to play music from your own device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) via the speakers. Alternatively, there is an auxiliary input on/close to the keypad or in the compartment with a glass door (certain models only) for customers who wish to play music via a cable rather than Bluetooth.

If you do not wish to have an active Bluetooth there are two options:

  • Disable Bluetooth - unfortunately, this will not allow you to use the speakers through the auxiliary port. If you wish to disable the Bluetooth without use of the speakers please see the image attached. You will find this device in one of the hatches on top of the sauna (usually left-hand side depending on the model). Simply remove all the Molex connectors and the Bluetooth device will be no longer active.
  • Alternatively, it is possible to replace the Bluetooth with a non-Bluetooth circuit board which will allows you to use the speakers through the auxiliary port. Please reach out to our Customer Care team if you would like to proceed with this option.
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