Why am I receiving an ELF/EMF reading?

Every sauna and every electrical appliance always emits EMF, ELF, and potentially higher frequencies, however we guarantee virtually 0 mG inside of your Clearlight® Infrared sauna.

Once the sauna is unplugged from the mains supply it takes between 30 - 60 seconds for the residual power/electricity to leave the sauna. After this time there should be no EMF/ELF coming from the sauna. ELF and EMF are produced by both natural and artificial sources so if you do get readings once the sauna is unplugged then it is more than likely from other electrical appliances and electrical wiring within your house and its walls.

Once the device is plugged in, whether switched off or not, you will get higher readings on the outside of the sauna. What Clearlight® claims is that the inside of the sauna has low to no EMF/ELF. The EMF/ELF has to be released somewhere and better that it is pushed away from the body than towards the body.

The floor heater panel and the heater panel under the bench have a lower wattage than the rest of the panels in your sauna. This is a safety feature designed to protect the calf muscles and feet which are in close proximity to the heater making your sauna experience much more comfortable.

For further helpful information see the below video as well as link to our blog here;

You can also find our Heater Safety and Certifications PDF attached.

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