How do I clean my FS Heater?

Cleaning the FS Heater/s is a super simple and straightforward task that can be completed with ease.

If dust has accumulated inside the heater the front will have to be removed. Please ensure the heaters are cool before attempting. The front of the heater is attached by a few screws, once removed we suggest then using a duster to carefully clean the area.

Ensure you do not put pressure on the bulbs as they are quite delicate.

We also recommend dusting behind the FS Heater where it is attached to the glass, and for this you may need to loosen the screws.

For a more thorough cleaning of the glass, the complete heater will have to be removed - loosen the screws on the outside of the glass (this is a 2-person job), remove the heater carefully and unplug it from the sauna. Do not forget to attach the rubber washers when reversing the installation.

For further helpful information please see the maintenance and tips PDF attached to this article.

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