Will mould grow in my Sauna?

Cedar wood is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, preventing mould and bacteria build-up within the sauna. This is the reason why cedar is the preferred choice in saunas.

The occurrence of mould is very rare and in all cases, it is due to the sauna not being dried properly (sweat/moisture) after use.

Your sauna has a lot of heat, moisture (mainly from sweat) and dark surfaces, which is why wood and other similar materials in the sauna’s environment are susceptible to mould. Even Infrared saunas, which do not have as much moisture as conventional saunas, can still be affected. Mould can form in a sauna if the room is not properly dried, cleaned, and ventilated after each sauna session.

It is extremely important that as soon as you notice any signs of mould, to act quickly and remove the source. The best way to remove mould from a sauna is through regular cleaning. Refer to our cleaning article here.

In the case of mould, we recommend cleaning with a mild vinegar solution. Read more in the article 'How do I treat mould in my Sauna?'

If you don’t take precautions to prevent mould growth, it will spread quickly and may require you to replace parts of your sauna if not larger panels.

Please see the attached PDF for maintenance and tips and find more information on the website at the bottom of this page in the form of a checklist here.

Also see the video below for the above maintenance and tips PDF in video form;


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