Essential Sauna keypad functions

Essential Keypad Functions:

  • Front Outlet for Red Light Commercial Mode: Press Time DOWN + Temp DOWN
    for 4 seconds for Commercial Mode: Outlet works for 30 minutes
  • Front Outlet for Red Light Residential Mode: Press Time UP + Temp UP for 4 seconds for Residential Mode: Outlet is always on.
  • Add On FS Heater: Press INSIDE + OUTSIDE (simultaneously) lights for 4 seconds. Outlet will operate with the rest of the heaters.
  • Temperature Offset: With the POWER OFF, press TEMP UP and TEMP DOWN for 4 seconds. It will show the default offset temperature of 5C. You can adjust the offset by pressing TEMP UP/DOWN. The range is 0 -20.
  • Reservation Mode: Press TIME UP + TIME DOWN for 4 seconds. It will enter reservation mode and time will show hours, not minutes. Press TIME UP/DOWN to set the number of hours ahead the sauna should turn on.
  • 16 Hour Mode: With the POWER ON, press TIME UP and INSIDE for 6 seconds. The sauna will now run for 12 Hours. You can set the timer to count down, but the sauna will not shut off.
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